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Diner 585-323-2710

Golf 585-323-1570

Established 1990

4353 Culver Road, SeaBreeze, NY 14622

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Parkside Diner Egg Orders

Egg Orders

Extra charge for Home Fries, Hash Browns: $1.39 | or an Extra Egg: $1.09

One Egg any style $2.49

Two Eggs any style $3.39

Two Eggs & Bacon three crispy slices $6.29

Two Eggs & three Sausage links $6.29

Two Eggs & Ham a generous portion $6.29

Two Eggs & three Canadian Bacon $6.29

Two Eggs & two Sausage Patties $6.29

Two Eggs, Gyros meat (three grilled slices) $6.29


Eggs Benedict $9.99

On English Muffin with Canadian Bacon and Potato

Eggs Florentine $9.99

On English Muffin with Spinach and Potato

All Menu Items and Prices Subject To Change.