Parkside Diner And Miniature Golf SeaBreeze NY Home


Diner 585-323-2710

Golf 585-323-1570

Established 1990

4353 Culver Road, SeaBreeze, NY 14622

Belgian Waffles


Good Morning America!
Belgian Waffles

Belgian Waffle

Belgian Waffle

Golden Tender Waffle
Very tasty and light

Strawberry Waffle
Topped with warm Strawberries & Whipped Topping

Waffle a la Mode
You’ll love a big scoop of Ice Cream on a hot tasty Waffle

Blueberry Waffle
Topped with sweet Blueberries & Whipped Topping

Apple Waffle
Topped with warm sliced Apples & Whipped Topping

All Menu Items and Prices Subject To Change.